Tablet & eReader Cases, Covers & Keyboard Folios

Tablet and eBook Cases, Covers and Keyboard Folios

With the proliferation of tablet devices for computing and reading, choosing the right tablet and eBook cases, covers and keyboard folios is significant in prolonging the life of your device, ensuring it stays in good condition for as long as possible. When choosing a new case or cover, it is important to consider the type of tablet you have as well as where and how you would use it.

Types of tablet and eBook cases and covers

A large variety of tablet and eBook covers and keyboard portfolios are available for several models of iPads, Samsung galaxy Tabs and Amazon Kindles . These include folding folio cases, smart covers and screens, protective shells and sleeves or pouches.

Materials commonly used include leather, synthetic leather or high quality polyurethane, or other materials such as silicon gel, EVA foam or rubber. Rubber cases and folios are sold mostly for robust protection against the toughest of falls. When it comes to tablet covers and cases, the external design can express personality. Choosing a leather case will give you a sleek, executive and luxurious look.

What to look for when buying cases, cover and keyboard folios

When it comes to eReader covers and cases, they need to be comfortable to hold, lightweight and, most importantly, durable. Covers and cases are likely to experience a lot of wear and tear during their lifetime. The most popular options tend to be made of lightweight materials that are substantial enough to resist knocks and falls.

Affordability may also be a factor given that the eReader itself is not as expensive as a tablet. A book style cover with slim fit dimensions and strengthened corners provides an attractive look.

Regarding functionality, there are several common features among products. Many, like the Apple iPad cover, have a magnetic closure to keep the cover securely shut. If using the device for hands free TV, film or slideshow viewing, the majority of cases and covers have a built in stand with landscape or portrait orientation. These can be put in various positions to alter the angle for watching, reading or typing. The stand should tuck discreetly into the interior cover when not in use.

Other features could include a closure strap for non magnetic close covers and cases and a pen loop for a stylus.

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