Replacement Keyboards for Dell Latitude Laptops

Dell manufactures a wide range laptops for both business and home use. They also produce replacement parts, including keyboards, that you can purchase if youve damaged your original. You can find replacement keyboards for Dell Latitude laptops readily available for a reasonable cost.

It is important to check a few things before you buy a replacement keyboard. Manufacturers make replacement keyboards to fit specific laptops so there is no one-size-fits-all replacement. The keyboard layout differs from country to country due to the different languages and typing conventions. Please refer to your laptops documentation before making a purchase.

Finding the right keyboard

Before you buy a replacement Dell keyboard, you should find out what your laptops model number is, then find a replacement keyboard that is made for your specific model of laptop . If you do not know the model number then look on the underside of the laptop or underneath the screen.

If you are still unsure, refer to your laptops instruction manual. Once you have found the model number, a replacement Dell laptop keyboard that matches your laptop model number should not be too hard to find.

Check the key layout

Before you make your final purchase, check that your new keyboard is designed for UK English. Remember that laptop manufacturers make laptops to export to many different countries. This means that the keyboard layout for each country will differ.

A French keyboard layout has different key placements and a range of accent keys that an English speaker doesnt use, and an American keyboard has a slightly different layout for punctuation.

Before you buy a Dell replacement keyboard, make sure that its layout it is right for you as it may be set up for another language. Search for a standard UK English QWERTY layout which is ideal for general usage.