Your Guide to Buying a Windows 98 PC

Although Microsoft withdrew Windows 98 some years ago and no longer supports the operating system, PCs are available on eBay with Windows 98 software. Some are used PCs which have had their hard drives reformatted. In other cases, they are PCs which have been refurbished and an old version of Windows has been installed for resale. Windows 98 PCs may have their limitations, but they remain desirable for a number of reasons.

Why should you buy a Windows 98 PC?

Sometimes, the retro feel of a PC running Windows 98 is fun to use. Many of the older versions of programs like Word and Excel still function perfectly well in an older version of Microsoft's operating system. You may like to play old-style games, which only function or have playability with this operating system. Some users prefer Windows 98 computers because they use a legacy piece of software which does not operate on later versions of the operating system, such as Windows 8 or Windows 10.

What sort of PCs run Windows 98?

At eBay, you can obtain Windows 98 PCs in just about any format you like. Many desktop PCs that run Windows 98 have old-fashioned features like PS/2 inputs for mice and floppy disk drives. The PC types you can search for include:

  • All-in-one PCs.
  • Tower PCs.
  • Desktop PCs.
  • Notebook PCs.
  • Laptop PCs.
Can you connect a Windows 98 PC to the internet?

It is possible to connect a Windows 98 PC to the internet. That said, be careful with the sites you visit using a defunct operating system because it is easier for hackers to access information on a PC that uses legacy software. Installing a third-party anti-malware software system is advisable to help avoid problems.

Can you buy a new Windows 98 computer on eBay?

It is not common for brand new and unused PCs to be sold with only Windows 98 installed. However, some new PCs with multiple operating systems are available on eBay and you can often specify which ones you want - for example, Windows 98 and Windows 10 - with the computer giving you the option of which one you boot up with when you first turn it on.

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