Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles for stylish flooring

Carpets are one design feature that will make a big difference to any room. Whether youre looking to make a statement or not, your choice will have the instant effect of changing the feel of the space. 

Carpet tiles are one way of adding carpet to rooms without laying a traditional roll. This can be especially beneficial if youre looking for something easy, that you can do yourself. You can also play around with patterns and designs using a mix of tiles if youre feeling bold. Check out a range of rugs and carpets here on eBay is one simple way of starting your search for the perfect tile! 

Childrens carpet tiles

Because theyre so flexible by design, carpet tiles are a great choice for a childs bedroom. You can look for fun designs to add a bit of cosiness and warmth, or to give your children something to play with and enjoy. For instance, non-slip road pattern tiles can be used to play games. Often these types of materials are easy to clean and maintain too, for added peace of mind. 

Contemporary carpet tiles

To create a contemporary looking space, opt for modern carpet tiles and be brave when playing around with ideas. You can get darker neutrals to create a chequered pattern for instance, or go for something sleek, timeless and stylish in a block of colour. 

Most carpet tiles are non-slip and hardwearing, meaning theyll stay put and look the part for years once laid. This makes them a practical, long-lasting solution, as well as a stylish one. 

Traditional carpet tiles

If you have a traditional home, youll probably want something that sympathetically slots into the other features around you. Traditional style carpet tiles like those with quartz rug design will help you achieve the right look, while still getting the functionality of a DIY carpet. 

You can even find shop and retail carpet tiles if you want something to add style to your business.