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iPad mini 2 Tablets

The compact and convenient Apple iPad mini 2

An iPad mini 2 is an updated take on the iPad mini. The smaller overall size makes this model easy to carry whilst the powerful performance ensures that it can keep up to speed with even the most demanding apps. Choose from the space grey or silver models to find your ideal tablet here on eBay. 

Hardware specs

A smaller 7.9-inch screen offers 2048x1536p resolution, making for a truly astounding visual output. The backlit LCD Retina Display ensures that you can see the screen even in darker conditions whilst a sensor adjusts the brightness to the level of light in a room. 

A front-facing 1.2MP camera takes picture perfect selfies and can shoot 720p videos, perfect for FaceTime. The rear 5MP camera uses facial recognition software for better shots and video stabilisation for smoother clips. 

Software specs

Apples renowned iOS 7 operating system comes preinstalled on the iPad mini 2. This operating system boasts a range of impressive and convenient features and is easy to use. You can navigate through your apps with ease. 

These iPads come with a host of useful apps already loaded on. Surf the web on Safari, check and send emails on the Mail app and make video calls to other iOS devices with FaceTime. 

Check on the App Store for thousands of amazing apps to make your life easier and more fun. Youll find a selection of award-winning games alongside Apple developed apps like GarageBand or Keynote. 

Use your voice to control Siri, a virtual assistant. Simply activate by saying Hey Siri and then ask a question to search the web, find out the time or check your appointments. Siri can also be used to send messages and make calls. 

Online shopping becomes a breeze with Apple Pay, letting you make instant payments on certain apps and websites.