iPhone Wireless Chargers

Make Powering Your Device Convenient With an iPhone Wireless Charger

Charging your iPhone using a standard wall charger array is not always easy, convenient, or available depending on your location or situation. Many compatible devices allow you to keep your iPhone charged wirelessly. Understanding the different types of wireless chargers for the iPhone and how they work can help you find one on eBay that fits your preferences.

What kinds of wireless iPhone chargers are there?

Because many wireless chargers do not need to use cables or adapters, there are several types that are compatible with your iPhone. Each charger can use one of several wireless methods to bring power to your phones battery. Some common wireless chargers you will find on eBay include:

  • Car charger - Some car chargers for the iPhone use wireless induction to charge the phone instead of plugging into a port on the dashboard.
  • Charging dock - A charging dock acts as a small stand for the iPhone, and you insert the phone into the bay to begin charging it.
  • Charging mat - Simply placing your iPhone on one of these mats to begin the charging process via the inductive coils.
How do you find compatible iPhone chargers?

Some of the iPhone wireless chargers you will find on eBay might be intended to work with a specific phone model. If you need to purchase a charger that is compatible with your iPhone model, eBay can help you with that. You can use the search refinements on the side of the page to view all the chargers that should be compatible with your device. Some available iPhone wireless chargers include:

  • iPhone 4 wireless chargers
  • Wireless chargers for the iPhone 6
  • Wireless chargers for the iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus wireless chargers
What benefits are there to purchasing used chargers?

eBay offers many iPhone wireless chargers in different conditions. You can purchase a new wireless phone charger for your iPhone, but there are used or refurbished options available on the site as well. Many items that are pre-owned will be available to you at cheaper prices than if you buy them brand new. If cost is a factor, but youd like to get an iPhone wireless charger that works like a factory model, you can check out the refurbished options on eBay.

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