Skoda Octavia gearboxes and gearbox parts

If your much-loved Skoda Octavia has seen better days and the gearbox is becoming an issue, it could be time to look at repair or replacement options. There is a wide selection of Skoda Octavia gearboxes and parts for your Skoda model that provide an affordable solution to your car troubles. Gearboxes and components come in a variety of conditions from brand new, OEM, refurbished and used, so there is an option suitable for your budget.

Complete Skoda Octavia gearboxes

If your car requires a complete gearbox replacement, there is a wide range of items available that can get your car back in running order. The selection of manual and automatic gearboxes provides an affordable option compared to main dealer prices, and some options offer relevant components to help make the replacement process as smooth as possible. Gearboxes are specific to your Skoda Octavia model, so check part numbers to get the right unit for your car.

Skoda Octavia gearbox parts

If your Skoda Octavia doesnt require a full gearbox replacement, you may need some key components to get it running correctly and back to full health. This option is often more affordable than a complete gearbox change, and the selection of items available makes it possible to rebuild your Octavia gearbox with ease. Youll find everything from lubricants, synchro rings and bearings plus tons of other handy parts to get your car back to working order.

Bearing rebuild kits for a Skoda Octavia

Whether you are undertaking a personal project to get your car back on the road or are an experienced car technician looking to resolve a customers car troubles, using a bearings rebuild kit can make life easier when fixing a Skoda Octavia. These handy kits contain everything you need to get started and are suitable for a range of Octavia models. Dont forget to check part numbers, so you get the right bearing kit for your rebuild.