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International purchases and postage for buyers

You'll find items from all over the world on eBay. International sellers can send items to you through regular postage services, or they may use one of eBay's shipping programmes.

When purchasing from an international seller, keep in mind that postage can sometimes take longer and cost more than buying from a seller in your own country. If you have any questions about postage, contact the seller before you go to checkout.

Where to find the cost of international postage

You’ll find the estimated cost of postage in the Postage and payments section of every eBay listing. You’ll also see the postage service the seller offers and where the item will be sent from, as well as a list of countries the seller posts to.

Listings also include an estimate of customs and import charges, if applicable. The charges you see on the listing aren't final until you pay for the item at checkout. For example, if you change your delivery address during checkout, or if the applicable import rules change before you complete your payment, the charges could change.

The final cost you’ll need to pay to have your item delivered will be confirmed at checkout.

Buying from sellers using eBay International Shipping

If your seller is posting your item through eBay International Shipping, the eBay International Shipping logo will be displayed in the listing and at checkout. You'll pay for delivery charges at checkout and you'll pay for any customs charges, import fees and taxes either at checkout or when your item arrives.

When you buy an item from a seller using eBay International Shipping, you can benefit from lower international postage costs negotiated by eBay. Keep in mind that you currently won't be able to combine postage if you purchase multiple items from sellers in this program.

Once you've completed checkout, the seller will send your item to our shipping hub, and from there it's posted to you. Tracking is automatically added so you can track your item from the hub to your door.

International purchases are covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee as long as all other eligibility requirements are met. Learn more about eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Buying from sellers using the Global Shipping Programme

If your seller is sending the item through the Global Shipping Programme, you’ll see the GSP logo on the listing.

Benefits of the Global Shipping Programme for buyers:

  • You’ll pay all postage, taxes, and import charges up front, and you won't have to pay any extra charges when your item is delivered
  • Tracking is always included so you can track your item right to your door
  • International deliveries made through GSP include customs clearance so you don’t need to handle any extra paperwork

Once you’ve paid for your item, the seller sends it to the global shipping centre. From there, it's sent to you.

When you pay for items through GSP, your payment will be split into two transactions:

  • The first payment goes to the seller to cover the item price and any domestic postage costs to send the item to the global shipping centre
  • The second payment goes to the global shipping provider to cover the international postage cost and any import charges, if applicable

After you've completed payment, you'll be able to see both the total cost and the amounts paid to the seller and the global shipping provider on the Order details page.

Items purchased through GSP can’t be delivered to P.O. Box numbers or APO and FPO addresses.

Buying from sellers using other shipping programmes

If you're buying from a seller who isn't sending the item through eBay International Shipping or the Global Shipping Programme, you’ll pay the cost of delivery at checkout.

However, you may still have to pay any necessary customs, import fees, and taxes when your item arrives. These import charges are generally based on the item's price, weight, dimensions, and country of origin, as well as any taxes, duties, and fees added by your country. Either your seller or their international postage service will manage the customs forms.

Customs and import charges

As a buyer, it’s your responsibility to check which customs and import charges may apply, and to pay them. Your seller might be able to give you some information about import charges, but before you bid on, or buy an item, it's a good idea to check with your country's customs office for more specific details.

Import charges include
  • Sales, goods, and services
  • Value added taxes
  • Duties
  • Tariffs
  • Excise taxes
  • Other amounts assessed or levied by any government authority in connection with the importation of goods into the applicable country of importation
  • Third party brokerage fees (including advancement and disbursement charges as well as customs brokers’ handling and filing fees)
  • Penalties
  • Classification charges associated with the assignment of a Harmonized System (HS) classification code
  • Charges for export compliance screening and verification and the assignment of an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)
  • Charges relating to the management of variances between the quoted import charges and actual costs

Import charges are in addition to the customs duties and taxes imposed by country tax and customs officials.

When you’re buying items from overseas, there may be restrictions on certain items in your country. Find out more in our international trading policy.

You’ll find the estimated cost of postage in the Postage and payments section of every eBay listing. You’ll also see the postage service the seller offers and where the item will be sent from.

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