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Customising My eBay

You can customise the way My eBay looks and choose the information you want to see. You can group information into custom lists, add and remove items or whole sections, move things around, change colours, and much more. You can use these options to make My eBay look and work exactly the way you want.

My eBay saves your customisation choices, but you can make changes whenever you want.

Here are some of the ways you can customise My eBay:

Choosing the information you want to see in My eBay

You can choose what you see in My eBay by hiding sections or parts of sections:

  • Hide entire sections. For example, if you only buy on eBay, you can hide everything in the Sell section.

  • Hide certain parts of a section. For example, in the Buy section, you can choose to see items you are watching and winning, but hide the list of times you didn't win.

Creating lists of items from several sections

You can combine items, searches, and sellers from your My eBay sections into custom lists and then name each list the way you want. For example, you could add items from your Watching, Bidding, and Won sections into a list and name it “Birthday Gifts for Mom.” You can create up to 100 different lists, each with an unlimited number of items.

To create or edit a list:
  1. Select an item or a saved search that you want to add to a list.

  2. In the Take action menu, click the Add to list link.

  3. A menu window will appear. Select the check box next to a list, or create a new list.

  4. Click the Save button.

  5. You’ll receive a confirmation message.

You can add any item to multiple lists by selecting multiple check boxes. You can create multiple new lists by separating each list name with a comma.

A list name can be up to 50 characters, including any uppercase or lowercase letter, number, space, or any symbol other than the following:

\ / : * ? “ < > | , 

To view and use your lists:

To view your lists, click the Lists link in the organise section of the My eBay Summary page.

To view a full item listing or run a saved search, select the item or search title in your list.

Note: Items in lists can also be viewed and acted on in their My eBay sections.

Decide your level of detail

You can decide whether you want to see only the basic information about items you are buying or selling – such as the item's title and price – or if you want to see all the details – such as a picture of the item, its postage cost, and more. If you don't make any selection, eBay will automatically show you just the basic information.

To add or remove columns of information in a section:
  1. Click the Customise link for the section you want to modify.

  2. Select "Just the Basics" or "All the details" from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Save button.

Tip: You can choose a different level of detail for each section by following the steps above.

Changing the number of items in a section

You can set the maximum number of items you’d like to see in a particular section. The default is 10 items.

Note: You can display a maximum of 25 items per section in the Summary. In the individual My eBay sections, you can display up to 200 items (200 in Watching).

To change the maximum number of items in a section:
  1. Select the maximum number of items you want to see per page from the Items shown drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.

  2. The page will refresh to display up to that number of items.

Adding, editing, or deleting notes in a section

You can add a note to any item, saved seller, saved Shop or saved search in your My eBay.

If you add a note in the Watch, Active, Won, Didn't Win, Scheduled, Sold, or Unsold sections, your note will stay with the item through the buying or selling process. For example, if you add a note to an item while you are bidding on it, and then you win it, the note will remain with the item when it moves to your Won section. Only you can see your notes. Once you add a note, you can also edit the note or delete it.

Adding a note

Note: You cannot add a note if you are using My eBay as a guest.

To add a note to an item:
  1. From any of the My eBay sections mentioned above, select the check box next to the item to which you want to add a note.

  2. Click the Add Note button.

  3. In the My Note box, type your note (up to 250 characters), and click the Save button.

To add a note to a saved seller, Shop or search:
  1. Click Save searches or Saved sellers under Organise in the left column.

  2. Locate the seller, Shop or search for which you want to leave a note.

  3. Click the  Add note icon.

  4. Add your note and click Save.

Editing a note

You can edit any note that you added.

To edit a note:
  1. Go to the page that includes your note.

  2. Click the Edit link to the right of the note. Note: For saved searches and sellers, place your mouse over the note and click the pencil icon.

  3. In the My Note text box, edit the note as needed, and click the Save button.

Deleting a note

You can delete any note that you added.

To delete a note:
  1. Go to the page that includes your note.

  2. Click the Edit link to the right of the note. Note: For saved searches and sellers, place your mouse over the note and click the trash can icon.

  3. Click the Delete link.

Sorting items in a section

You can sort the items in a My eBay section in different ways. For example, you might want to see the items you're selling in order of current price, or you might want to see the items you've bid on in order of when their listings will end.

To sort information in a list:
  1. Click the down arrow in the Sort by drop-down menu

  2. Select the way you want to sort your list

The section sorts in ascending order. For example, if you sort by Time: Ended, the item ending soonest is listed first. If you want to see items you’ve bought but haven’t paid for at the top of your section, select Won: View Awaiting Payment.

You can also sort items using the icons at the top of the list. For example, to sort items you've bought to see which ones are still awaiting payment, click the £ icon. To see which items are still awaiting Feedback.

Filtering items in a section

You can filter the items in a list in many sections. For example, in a list of items you are watching you can choose to see just the active listings, just the listings that have ended, or all the listings.

To filter information in a list:
  1. Click the down arrow in the View drop-down menu

  2. Select the way you want to filter your list

The number in parentheses is the number of items you will see if you choose that filter. If the number is 0, you won’t be able to use that filter. If you add or delete an item but the item count doesn’t change, try refreshing the page.

Deleting and undeleting items

You can delete an item from any section in My eBay by selecting the check box next to the item and clicking the Remove button.

Note: In the Watching list, the button is called Delete.

To undelete a removed item, select the Deleted link under Buy or Sell (whichever applies) in the left column. Select the deleted item or items you want to restore and then click the Undelete button.

Note: Once an item is deleted from the Watching list, it cannot be undeleted.

Choosing colours for your sections

Create contrasting colour themes to make your activity stand out. For example, select yellow for watching and green for buying. To change the colour of a section, click the Edit drop-down menu on that section.

Moving sections

You move sections wherever you want and organise My eBay based on your preferences. To do so, click on the up or down arrow buttons in the title of the section.

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