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Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

There have been reports of people attempting to obtain eBay member’s private information by sending emails that impersonate eBay. These emails, called spoof email request members to send account and personal information in a reply email or enter this information through a spoof (fake) website.

If you provided confidential information through a spoof website, you should take measures to both secure your eBay account and your identity.

Secure Your eBay Account

Protect Your Identity
  1. Contact your credit card company. If you entered a credit card number, you should contact your credit card company to cancel your account and alert them to the situation. Follow your credit card issuer's instructions for formally documenting the problem.

  2. Contact your bank. If you provided bank account information, you should contact your bank and ask for instructions about protecting your account.

  3. File a police report. File a report with your local police or the police in the community where the identity theft took place. Make a copy of the report and note the date it was filed in case your credit card company or bank needs proof of the crime.


  • eBay uses technology and encryption methods to store your credit card information. This information cannot be accessed by signing in to your eBay account.

  • Make sure you use a secure server when providing credit card information over the Internet. You can identify a secure server by the first part of the Web address (URL). A secure server's Web address will begin with "https://" not "http://". Also, a lock or key symbol should appear on the Web page. Look for these symbols when providing credit card information over the Internet. If you've upgraded to a browser with the latest anti-phishing capabilities, look for a green Web address bar to confirm that you are on a secure page before entering sensitive information.

Contacting eBay

If you are unable to sign in to your eBay account, please contact us immediately using one of the following methods:

  • Email us to report that you cannot sign in to your account.

  • Email us after signing in to your account to request additional assistance.

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