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Appealing unpaid items

We want you to feel confident that your trading partner will follow through on a sale. That's why, when a buyer doesn't pay for an item after winning it or using Buy it now, the unpaid item is recorded on that buyer's account. eBay may place restrictions on buyers' accounts if unpaid items have been recorded.

Occasionally, there may be reason to remove an unpaid item from a buyer's account. If you have evidence that you paid for the item before the unpaid item case closed, you should appeal the unpaid item through Customer Support.

Please note the seller doesn't have the ability to remove the unpaid item - you'll need to contact eBay directly.

How to appeal

Use the online Unpaid item appeal form.

Accepted forms of proof
Proof What to include in the appeal

Payment confirmation from PayPal or other online payment service

Include the text of the email that you received from the payment service, confirming that the payment was sent.

Email from the seller indicating that you paid

Include the email text.

Copy of cheque or postal order

Send copies of the front and back of the cheque or postal order. Include the item number and your user ID.

To send the appeal by fax or post:

Note: So that we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible, we strongly encourage you to use our Upload feature to send us documents, or to use the Contact us button for all other queries. If you fax your documents to us, your request may take significantly longer due to the additional processing time required.

What if I have a reason for not paying?

In general, you're expected to pay for all items that you purchase or win. However, there may be cases in which you feel you have a valid reason for not paying. Check the table below for guidance.

Reasons for not paying

Seller changed the price, P&P costs, or payment method after the sale.

This is a breach of the rules for sellers. If this happens, contact us.

The seller was suspended.

Appeal the unpaid item by following the guidelines above.

I didn't order the item. I think my account may have been accessed by someone else.

Report the account theft and then take steps to secure your account.

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