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Returning an item


When you can return an item

We hope you love what you buy on eBay. However, if you change your mind, most sellers accept returns.

To check if a seller offers returns, have a look at the returns section in the listing. For an item you've already bought, simply go to your Purchase History in My eBay and click on the item. You will either be directed to the eBay returns process or to contact the seller, depending on the item you purchased.

Your right to return

Consumer contracts regulations apply to sales between a business seller and a consumer buyer where there's no face-to-face contact. For purchases made under these regulations, you have 14 days from when you receive your item to request a return.

Learn more about the sale of goods law.

Requesting a replacement item

Some sellers offer the option to request a replacement instead of a refund. If this option is available, the seller will let you know in their returns policy. You can request a replacement if:

  • The seller offers replacements as an option

  • You're returning the original item and would like exactly the same item as a replacement.

  • Your item you received isn't as described in the listing, or is defective in some way.

To request a replacement, simply contact the seller through My eBay. They'll let you know if a replacement is available. Once approved, make sure you post the original item back to the seller within 10 business days of starting your return request.

Request a return if the item is not eligible for eBay Money Back Guarantee

If the listing description or order information doesn't show the eBay Money Back Guarantee badge, it is not eligible for eBay Money Back Guarantee protection.

If the seller offers returns, you can request to return the item within the sellers return window. Their return policy will indicate who pays for the return shipping. If you are responsible for return shipping, make sure you add tracking details. If the value of the item you are returning is more than €550, signature confirmation is required to prove the seller received the return. Learn more about our Signature confirmation policy.

If you paid with PayPal and you received an item that was not as described and you are unable to resolve the issue with the seller, you may be eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection. Learn more about PayPal buyer protection.

How to contact the seller to arrange a return
  1. Go to your Purchase history in My eBay and find the order you want to return.

  2. From the More actions dropdown, select Contact seller.

  3. Choose Returns, then Contact the seller.

  4. The seller will confirm the process you'll need to follow to arrange a return.

Request a return if the item is eligible for eBay Money Back Guarantee

If the listing description or order details show the eBay Money Back Guarantee badge, then the item is eligible for eBay Money Back Guarantee protection. Learn more about eBay Money Back Guarantee eligibility.

If you the item is eligible for eBay Money Back Guarantee, you can return it even if the seller doesn't offer returns, if it doesn't match the listing description, or is defective or damaged.

How to request a return:
  1. Find the item in your Purchase History in My eBay.

  2. Select Return this item from the More actions dropdown menu.

  3. Select your reason for return.

  4. If the item arrived damaged, broken or faulty, add up to 10 images relevant to the reason you're returning the item, showing any scratches or defects. Make sure to follow our Images and text policy when you're uploading images. 

  5. Select Send.

eBay Money Back Guarantee timelines

  • The seller will have 3 business days to supply you with a return postage label.

  • You will have 10 business days from the day you receive a label to return the item to the seller.

  • Once the seller has received your parcel, they'll process a refund within 2 business days. If you have any problems, ask us to step in to help

When to ask us to step in and help

Most returns and refunds go smoothly, but if you're not happy with the seller resolution or the seller doesn't issue you a refund, you can ask us to step in and help. Depending on the seller's return method, timelines may differ. We provide you with timing information as part of your return request in My eBay.

Misuse of returns or the eBay Money Back Guarantee

Engaging in activity as described in the Abusive buyer policy may result in a range of actions, including issuing warnings to buyers, blocking buyers from requesting returns or refunds on eBay, blocking buyers from opening claims, the loss of eBay Money Back Guarantee coverage, and account suspension.

Activity that is not allowed includes, but is not limited to:

  • Opening duplicate requests using other buyer protection programs

  • Colluding with a seller to wrongly declare an item's value for customs

  • Filing a chargeback after receiving a refund

  • Claiming an item was not received when there is proof of delivery to the buyers address on the Order Details

  • Falsely claiming an item was not as described

  • Returning an item other than the original item received

  • Using or damaging and item and then returning it

You can find more information about our returns policies in our eBay Money back Guarantee and our Condition of returned items policy.

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