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Creating, sharing and finding wish lists

Your eBay wish list is just that - a list of the things on eBay you wish for. You can use a wish list to keep track of items you like or find interesting - whether you want to buy them for yourself or others.

Unlike your Watch list, you can share a wish list with friends or family, or make it public so that others can search for it. A wish list is a great way to help others find the perfect gift for you, or to share ideas for a gift for a friend or family member.

Creating and editing your wish list

To create a wish list, start adding items you want.

To add items to your wish list:
  1. Search for items you like on eBay.

  2. Click the Add to wish list button on the listing or product details page. You may need to sign in.

An item will remain on your wish list until you remove it, it is no longer available on eBay, or someone else buys it for you.

To review your wish list later, or add or remove items, click the Wish list link in the Lists section on the left side of My eBay.

Personalising your wish list

Once you've created your wish list, you can add a personalised note to make it easier to find, add a note to items on your list to share additional information with anyone looking at your list, or choose a fun theme for your list.

To add a note to your list:
  1. Click the Add a personalised note to make your list fun and easy to find link at the top of your wish list.

  2. Click Edit or Delete to edit or remove your note.

To add a note to an item in your wish list:
  1. Tick the box next to the item(s) on your wish list and click Add note.

  2. Type your note and click Save.

(To remove your note, click Add note, delete the text and click Save.)

To choose a theme for your wish list:
  1. Click the Choose a theme link at the top of your wish list.

  2. Select a theme from the list of available themes.

  3. Click Apply.

Sharing your wish list

After you create a wish list, you can share it with your friends and family through Facebook and email.

Before you share your wish list, change your wish list setting to shared or public by selecting one of those options from the drop-down menu at the top of your wish list. Find out more about making your list shared or public

To share your list on Facebook:
  1. Click the Facebook button at the top of your wish list.

  2. From the drop-down menu in the next window, select where you want to share a link to your list. You can choose to share it on your wall, on a friend's wall, in a group or in a private message.

  3. Enter your message.

  4. Choose whether to add a thumbnail image to your post.

  5. Click Share link.

To share your list by email:
  1. Click the Email button at the top of your wish list.

  2. Enter the email addresses you want to send your wish list to in the To field. You can enter up to 20 addresses at a time, separated by commas or semi-colons.

  3. Write your email.

Anyone can buy an item that's on your wish list, but if they aren't an eBay member, their purchase won't be reflected on your wish list.

Making your wish list public or private

Your wish list is set to 'private' by default. You decide who else can see your wish list by choosing your privacy setting from the drop-down menu at the top of your wish list. You have 3 choices:

  • Private - Your list can't be viewed by anyone but you. When you create your list, it's private by default.

    If you share your list or make it public, you can always change it back to 'private'. No-one else will be able to see it, and any links to your list that you've shared will no longer work.

  • Shared - Your list can only be viewed by people with whom you've shared the link to your list, either by email or Facebook.

  • Public - Your list can be viewed by anyone who searches for your wish list by your name, email address, or eBay user ID on eBay, or on search engines like Google. You can also share a link to your wish list.

You can change your privacy settings at any time.

How your list is shown to other people

If you've set your list to 'public', or shared the link on Facebook as 'Public', it could be picked up on search engine sites such as Google. However, if you change your list back to 'private', people won't be able to click on it and over time, your wish list will stop appearing in search results.

If someone searches for your list, we'll only show them the personal information they used to search. For example, John searches for his friend Sue Smith by eBay user ID (sue123). When John finds Sue's wish list, he'll see it as 'sue123's wish list' instead of 'Sue Smith's wish list' or the wish list of

Finding other wish lists

You can find someone else's wish list by searching for their name, eBay user ID, or email address. You can only search for wish lists which the owner has set to 'public'.

To find a wish list:
  1. Click the Find a wish list link at the bottom of most eBay pages.

  2. Enter the name, user ID, or email address of the wish list owner.

  3. Click the Find a wish list button.

If the member you're searching for doesn't have a wish list yet, or their wish list is empty, you'll be able to email them and encourage them to add items or create their list.

Can't find the wish list you're looking for?

Here are some reasons why you might not be able to find someone else's wish list:

  • You can only search for lists that are set as 'public'. If the owner of a wish list has set the list as 'private' or 'shared', it won't be shown in search results.

  • Make sure you've spelled the name correctly. Also, if your friend's name can be shortened, try both variations - searching for 'Jeffrey' won't find the same results as 'Jeff'.

  • You can only search for wish lists from users registered in the same country as you. If you're in the UK and you're searching for a friend who lives in the U.S., their wish list won't be shown.

If you still can't find a friend or family member's wish list, get in touch with them to check whether they've got a list set up, and ask them to share it with you.

Buying an item on a wish list

If someone buys an item on your wish list, the item is marked as purchased in your wish list view, and hidden on the shared wish list page. That way, you don't end up with 2 of the same item.

If you're buying an item on a friend's wish list, make sure you click Buy this item on the wish list page and check out in the same session. If you log out before paying and come back later, eBay can't track that you bought the item, and your friend's wish list won't be updated.

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