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Selecting your payment preferences

Before you start selling on eBay, select your payment preferences to let us know how you'll pay your seller fees and how you want to let your buyers pay. You can also set up a payment gateway if you want to accept credit card payments.

Setting up your seller fees payment method

When you create a seller account, you link your seller account to your preferred payment method for paying selling fees. eBay can automatically debit or credit your seller account as you list, make a sale, or need to be reimbursed.

To change your seller fee payment method:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Seller Account, or Seller Hub > Shortcuts > Site Preferences > Seller Account.

  2. In the Payment methods for Seller Fees section, click the Change link for the payment method you want to change.

To get a refund for credits in your seller account, see Requesting a refund of your eBay credit balance.

Setting up your buyer payment preferences

How you set up your buyer payment options depends on each method and what you list.

Before you set up or change your payment preferences, take a look at Selecting payment methods and our accepted payments policy to choose the options that are best for you. Remember that all sellers on must offer PayPal as a payment method. Cash is only allowed if you're offering Payment on collection.

You have to use eBay checkout in order to accept PayPal. Your buyer sees the Pay now button in their email notification and in the Messages section of My eBay. Once your buyer has paid, you receive a notification and you can dispatch the item.

Checkout is set up as a default when you create a seller account. Read more about using checkout

To set your buyer payment preferences:
  1. Go to My eBay and click the Account tab.

  2. Click Site Preferences on the left side of the page.

  3. In the Selling Preferences section, click Show next to Payment from buyers.

  4. Click Edit. You may need to sign in again.

  5. On the Payment Preferences page, select or clear your options. Make sure that you've selected Use Checkout.

Setting up to receive PayPal payments

PayPal is a fast and convenient payment method for buyers and sellers. Buyers can pay for their item using a credit or debit card, bank account, or funds held in their PayPal account balance.

To register with PayPal and link it to your eBay account:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > PayPal Account, or Seller Hub > Shortcuts > Site Preferences > PayPal Account.

  2. Go to My eBay and click the Account tab.

  3. Click the PayPal Account link on the left side of the page.

  4. Click Link My PayPal Account.

  5. Log in to PayPal to finish linking your accounts as directed.

Once you've signed up with PayPal, it appears as an option when you create a listing. When you select PayPal, buyers see it in your listing. You'll also see it in your payment preferences in My eBay.

Note: If you need more information about creating a PayPal account, please contact PayPal for more help.

Setting up to receive credit card payments

If you want to accept credit cards, you'll need to make sure that you can process the buyer's payment. (Credit card payments aren't integrated into checkout on or You'll need both a merchant account and a virtual terminal solution.

The buyer will need to contact you during checkout with their credit card details - for example, by phoning you. You can add these instructions when you list your item, in the Additional check out instructions section.

Tip: Buyers can pay you with a credit or debit card using PayPal. They don't necessarily need to create a PayPal account - they can pay as a PayPal guest user. PayPal just processes the card payment and puts the money into your PayPal account.

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