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Postage labels

Selling on eBay is even easier when you purchase and print your postage with eBay postage labels. Get started with eBay postage labels

Purchase postage labels for a range of delivery services from An Post, Parcelforce Worldwide and eBay delivery powered by Packlink
Pay for your label with your PayPal account and pay only the cost of the delivery service - no extra charges
Print postage labels quickly from almost any printer
Preview your labels before you print them
Reprint a label at no extra charge
Cancel your label if necessary and get a refund (you must cancel the label within 7 days)
Easily manage all your postage from My eBay

For more information, read our Postage label FAQs.

Note: This page covers how to post items you've sold on eBay. Printing Returns postage labels for Returns on eBay is a different process.

Getting started with eBay postage labels

All of the information you need to create your label is already on the Buy delivery page in My eBay. You just need to package and weigh your item.

To print a postage label:
  1. Go to the Sold section of My eBay and click Print postage label next to the item you need to send.

  2. Check the details on the Buy delivery page: the buyer's user ID, the transaction details, the amount paid for postage and the date by which your buyer expects to receive the item.

  3. Check the buyer's delivery address. You can edit it if your buyer has asked you to send the item to an alternative address.

  4. Check that the delivery service shown (the one you selected when you listed your item) will still deliver your item on time. If it won't, select a faster service so you can meet your buyer's expectations.

  5. If you haven't already, weigh your item to make sure you are buying enough postage.

  6. If you are using An Post, enter the weight in kilograms (for example, 700 grams is 0.7 kilograms) and select the size.
    Tip: Check the type of package. Most items will be parcel-sized, but some will meet the An Post's dimensions for letter or large letter, and postage may be less expensive.

  7. Once you're ready, select Confirm & pay to pay for your postage label with PayPal.
    Tip: To print postage labels more quickly in the future, you can link your PayPal account to eBay postage labels. Tick the box to set up a billing agreement to pay for labels from your PayPal account.

  8. Click Print postage label. Your label should open in a new window. (Click the printer icon, or go to File and then Print to send your label to your printer.)
    Tip: If your browser isn't set up to open Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewer automatically, save your label to your PC, then open it in your usual PDF viewer to print it.

Managing your labels in My eBay

You can manage labels you've already printed in the Postage Labels section of My eBay. Here you can also track shipments, see postage details, reprint labels, void labels, print more labels, and print packing slips.

To manage your labels inMy eBay:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. Click Postage labels on the left side of the page in the Sell section. The Shipping labels link also appears in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.

  3. Reprint, void, print more labels, and print packing slips by selecting those options.

Tip: There is no need to void an unused delivery label for an eBay delivery powered by Packlink service (see Cancelling your label below).

Reprinting your postage label

If your label doesn't print properly, you can easily print it again. Click Reprint label from the Print postage label screen, or go back to My eBay and click Print another label.

Cancelling your label

If you printed a label with eBay Delivery Powered by Packlink, you can cancel it within 15 days by visiting Packlink help page on cancelling or modifying a shipment.

If you cancel the label before your next invoice, you will not be charged.

If you cancel the label after your next invoice is issued, you'll see a negative line on your following invoice. The amount of the cancelled label will be subtracted from the total amount to be paid, however if you make no shipments on the next invoice, you'll receive a refund as per the cancellation policy.

You can cancel your An Post postage label at any time up to 7 days after purchase - click Cancel label from the Print postage label screen.


To cancel an An Post label from My eBay:
  1. Go to the Selling section of My eBay.

  2. Click Postage Labels.

  3. Find the item, then go to More options, and click Void.

The cost of the label will be refunded within 21 days.

Printing packing slips, order receipts and order details

Packing slips

A packing slip is a receipt summarising the details of the sale. This document is meant for your buyers and provides a detailed count and cost breakdown for each item in a delivery order such as VAT rate, sub-total, postage, and VAT amount.

You can customise your packing slip by adding details such as your name, address, eBay store logo, store QR code, store URL, seller rating, warranty information, a thank you note for your buyers, and more.

Tip – Packing slips can be a great way to both drive traffic to your store and encourage buyers to learn more about your brand for their future purchases.

Order receipts

An order receipt is an internal document meant to help you keep track of accounting and contribute to a well-run operation overall. The order receipt contains essential payment details and order information which can be used to maintain your inventory, taxation records and for bookkeeping purposes.

You can customise your order receipt to include details such as listings photos, postage info, eBay store logo, and more.

How to customise and print a packing slip or order receipt:
  1. Go to the Orders tab in Seller Hub.

  2. Select Print packing slip and more from the Postage drop-down menu or next to the order details.

  3. Choose the document you want to create.

  4. By clicking on customise, you can add and remove details.

  5. You can see the preview on the right side.

  6. Select print to create a PDF version of the document.

You can also print a packing slip by choosing Print packing slip on the Manage postage labels page.

How to print out the full order details for the item:
  1. Go to My eBay and then Sold.

  2. Select More Actions and then View order details.

  3. On the Order details page, select the printer version option, and print the page.

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