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Contracts policy

Before listing an item on eBay, you should carefully read any contracts that you've entered into that may limit your right to sell your item on eBay. Some items, such as event tickets, have terms printed on the item that may limit your ability to sell that item. In other cases, such as when you're distributing a company's products, you may have signed a separate contract with them.

eBay doesn't search for items that may raise these types of issues, nor can it review copies of private contracts, or adjudicate or take sides in private contract disputes. However, we want you to be aware that listing items in violation of your contractual obligations could put you at risk with third parties. eBay therefore urges that you not list any item until you have reviewed any relevant contracts or agreements, and are confident you can legally sell it on eBay.

We're providing this information to assist you in protecting yourself from liability and trading safely on eBay. You're responsible for ensuring that your transaction is lawful. If you have any questions regarding your rights under a contract or agreement, we strongly recommend that you contact the company with whom you entered into the contract and/or consult with an lawyer.

We're providing this information to help you sell safely on eBay and protect yourself from liability.

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