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Fair use policy

The purpose of an eBay listing is to connect a buyer and seller so that they can complete a transaction. When buyers don’t have to sort through unrelated listings that don’t fit what they’re looking for, they are more likely to make a purchase.

To help sellers provide a broad choice of inventory to buyers, we include low insertion fees to ensure that sellers can list items without risk if the item doesn’t sell. However, listings that never convert can be unhealthy for the eBay marketplace.

What is fair use?

Listings that don’t sell after being available on the site for a long time make it more difficult for buyers to find what they are looking for. This can be unfair to other sellers whose listings may get less visibility in search results as a result. Because of that, sellers who have a very high number of listings with a significant share of listings that don’t sell for a long time may be asked to take steps to increase the conversion of their listings, remove listings that haven’t sold or pay additional fees to keep these listings.

If we contact you, we’ll ask you to review your low converting items and take steps to increase your listing conversion rates. You may need to review your pricing strategies and best practices for listings, or consider whether some inventory needs to be removed from eBay if it won’t sell. Make sure your listings follow these guidelines.

If, after notification from eBay, you will not improve your listing conversion ratio in line with recommendations from eBay, eBay will reserve the right to charge you a fee based on this fair use policy the details of which will be communicated to you by eBay at least 30 days before those fees will be charged. eBay also reserves the right to end some or all of your listings.

The fair use policy is in place in order to help buyers find what they’re looking for, keep the site fair, and help your listings be successful.

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