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Product safety policy


Policy overview

We strongly support the governmental agencies in their efforts to protect consumers against potentially hazardous products. Sellers aren't allowed to list items that are prohibited from being sold because of a recall. If an item can be legally sold but is subject to a recall, sellers must include appropriate information about the recall within the listing.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?



  • Items that are not currently subject to a recall by the manufacturer or another agency.


  • Products that are currently subject to a recall but the sale of the product is not prohibited by law or regulation, as long as the listing includes the recall information (i.e. re-worked item, batch of a product).

  • Permitted lighters may be listed only if they are equipped with a child-resistant mechanism. See the Not allowed section below for examples of types of lighters you're not allowed to sell.

  • Business sellers are permitted to sell new hoverboards or self-balancing scooters that comply with applicable regulatory requirements and safety standards. Sellers need to include a clearly legible scan of the CE certificate that proves that the listed hoverboard complies with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) in the item description.

  • Child car safety seats must comply with EU regulations and must be appropriately labelled. You must indicate in your listing the car seat meets this standard. See this link for more information.

Not allowed

  • Products recalled by a manufacturer or another government agency if the sale of the product is prohibited by law or regulation. Current information can be found on the RAPEX recall information website and the OECD Global Recalls portal.

  • Products without a CE mark where it is legally required.

  • Products that don't comply with product safety laws. This includes but is not limited to the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), the Electrical Equipment (safety) Regualtions 2016, the Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 and the Cosmetic Directive 1223/2009.

  • Items that pose a health or safety hazard as specified by government agencies. We will remove listings at the request of government agencies.

Examples of items that aren't allowed include:

  • Class 3B lasers and handheld lasers with output power greater than 1 milliwatts (mW). For further information on laser safety, please visit the Public Health England website.

  • Private sellers are not allowed to offer hoverboards. In addition, used hoverboards are not permitted.

  • Lighters which breach EU or International regulations, including:

    • Giant Lighters.

    • Child appealing or novelty lighters. For a definition of novelty lighters please see Additional Information below.

Before you list an item, take a few minutes to check the manufacturer’s website, the RAPEX recall information website and the OECD Global Recalls portal to get information on recalled items. Sellers may also consult the UK Trading Standards Office or National Consumer Agency for Republic of Ireland members.

In addition, visit the BIS Business Companion website for advice.

Buyers should also keep up-to-date about item recalls, especially for the kinds of items they often buy.

We recommend that sellers advise customers to register their gas or electrical appliances with the manufacturer so they can be informed of any important product safety updates.

If you sell domestic appliances such as washing machines, fridges or ovens, your UK customers can easily register these at the Register my appliance portal. For more information, visit the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances website.

For more information about the ban of novelty lighters in the EU, visit:

Novelty lighters are defined as:

"A flame-producing product commonly used by consumers to ignite cigarettes, cigars and pipes, including any holder which can be incorporated later or any attachment which can be fixed later, that resembles by any means to another object commonly recognised as appealing to or intended for use by children younger than 51 months, or has entertaining audio effects or animated effects. A novelty lighter can operate on any fuel, including butane or liquid fuel. This includes, but is not limited to, lighters or holders that are clearly intended to hold lighters, the shape of which resembles cartoon characters, toys, guns, watches, telephones, musical instruments, vehicles, human body or parts of the human body, animals, food or beverages, or that play musical notes, or have flashing lights or moving objects or other entertaining features. This excludes lighters that are printed or decorated with logos, labels, decals, artwork or heat shrinkable sleeves."


Some laws and regulations don't allow the sale of recalled items.

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