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Listing Classified Ads

Classified Ads are an exciting new addition to our current Auction-style and Buy-It-Now listing formats, and will give you more options to buy and sell in these categories.

Classified Ads bring familiar paper-based classifieds to and

Remember that as there is no bidding on a Classified Ad, so you should put the advertised price of your item, service or property as the price that you would like to receive for it, and not the starting price as you would in an auction-style listing. The Classified Ad Format Fees page contains more information on how much it costs to list using the Classified Ad format as well as the categories you can list in using Classified Ads.

For car dealers who would like to upload multiple Classified Ads, we have introduced a new bulk listing tool, eBay Motors Pro, to help you put your stock quickly and easily onto the site and in front of's 3.7 million* potential buyers (Nielson Net Ratings). Learn more about this on

Create your Classified Ad


The seller must treat the buyer's contact information in full compliance with eBay's Privacy Policy. This policy prohibits sharing the buyer's information with third parties as well as use of the buyer's information for any purpose other than communicating with the buyer about the item, unless expressly permitted to do so by the buyer. Failure to comply with this policy can result in the Seller's suspension or expulsion from the eBay community.

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