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There's no insertion fee if you're a private seller (excluding PowerSellers from any eBay site) and you list your item in the auction-style format. Your item must be in an eligible category, with a starting price of up to €1.49 without reserve. If you list items in a second category, this will be charged the standard fees for listing in a second category. You can create a maximum of 100 new listings per month at a starting price between €0.01-€1.49, from 101 listings upwards the standard insertion fee for all eligible categories of €0.15 applies, €0.07 for Media.


Fees for selling on eBay

When you list items on eBay in the auction or Buy it now formats, you are charged:

  • Insertion fees based on the item starting price or reserve price

  • Feature fees, if you select optional features to increase your chances of selling successfully when listing the item

If the item sells, you also pay a final value fee based on the item final selling price.

The total cost of selling the item is the insertion fee, the feature fees (if any) plus the final value fee. Please note that some fees differ for business sellers and for private sellers. Where this is the case, the fees are labelled 'private seller' or 'business seller'.

For example:

If you list an item as an auction with a starting price of €4.99 and select the item subtitle listing upgrade, you will pay €0.80 to list your item:

  • Insertion fee: €0.27

  • Optional feature fee (Item subtitle): €0.53

  • Total: €0.80

If you're a private seller, when you sell your item in auction format, you will pay 10.7% of the item final selling price as the final value fee. If the item does not sell, there is no final value fee. Please note that some fees differ for business sellers and for private sellers. Where this is the case, the fees are labelled 'private seller' or 'business seller'.

Note: All displayed fees include applicable VAT.

Important: Different fees apply for vehicle listings within the Cars, Motorcyles & Vehicles category. Please see the eBay Motors fees page for further details

Insertion fees

Auction-style listing

Starting price Insertion fee

All categories

€0.01 - €1.49


€1.50 - €6.99


€7 - €19.99


€20 - €49.99


€50 - €149.99


€150 or more


€150.00 or more (multiple-item listings)


Media (single license)



€1.50 or more



Any price (single item)


Multiple items

€53.48 x number of items

If you list an item which does not sell, or if your buyer does not pay, you may qualify for a credit for your insertion fees.

Insertion fees for Buy it now listings

Starting price Media* Property All other categories

No shop

€1.00 and above




Basic Shop**

€1.00 and above




* Media refers to items listed within the following categories:

  • Books, Comics and Magazines (excluding the Accessories sub-category)

  • DVDs, Films & TV (excluding the Accessories/ Storage, Film Memorabilia and TV Memorabilia sub-categories)

  • Video Games & Consoles > Games (excludes the other sub-categories of Video Games & Consoles)

  • Music (excluding the Music Memorabilia and Accessories/ Storage sub-categories)

** Private sellers can only subscribe for a Basic Shop.


  • All listings must start at €1.00 or greater. Sellers are not permitted to start a listing in Buy it now format for under €1.00.

  • If your item does not sell or if your buyer does not pay, you will not be eligible to get a relist credit for your insertion fees.

  • You will be charged the same fee regardless of the number of identical items that you list. For example, you pay €0.53 if you list 4 items in one listing. If you list more than 1 item, you still pay €0.53.

Final value fees

Final selling price Final value fees for both auction-style and Buy it now formats

All categories excluding eBay Motors vehicles and property

Item not sold


No fee


€0.01 and above




No charge

Fees for optional features

You can add optional features to help increase bids and chances of selling success.

All categories

Reserve price Fee

€70.00 * - €6,999.99

3.2% of the reserve price

€7,000.00 or more



Reserve Price


€70.00 or more


* Sellers who wish to use a reserve price must set the reserve price to be equal to or greater than €70.00. Sellers are not permitted to set a reserve price level of less than €70.00.

Find out more about reserve fees.



Short duration (3, 5, 7 or 10 days)

30 days




Listing Designer *



Item Subtitle



Scheduled Listings



Buy it now (auction only)**

€0.01 - €6.99



€7.00 - €19.99



€20.00 - €44.99



€45.00 or more



International site visibility

€0.01 - €6.99



€7.00 - €49.99



€150 or more



Listing in 2 categories

Double the insertion and listing upgrades fees (excluding Scheduled Listings)

Double the insertion and listing upgrades fees (excluding Scheduled Listings)

* Fees are not charged when the seller is subscribed to Selling Manager Pro at time of listing creation

**If you create an auction-style listing with the Buy it now option, the auction start price must be at least 40% lower than the Buy it now price. For example, if you list an item in auction with a start price of €10, you won't be able to put a Buy it now price lower than €14.

Listing Tool Fee

Selling Manager


Selling Manager Pro (free for the first 30 days)

€7.48 / month


Save money with promotional offers

Maximise what you make on each sale with one of our regular promotions, saving you money on eBay fees.

Our promotions are by invitation only and may include:

  • Pay no insertion fees for a set number of listings over a period of time.

  • Get a percentage discount on your final value fees.

  • Cap your final value fees for each listing to as little as €1.

Head to My eBay > Selling and go to the bottom of the page to see our current promotions.

If it says Active next to the promotion, it’s already applied to your account. Otherwise, select Activate to claim it.

Next to each promotion you’ll see when it expires and how many eligible listings you can use for before the expiry.

To stay up to date on our promotional offers, make sure you're subscribed to our General email promotions emails in the Promotions and surveys section of My eBay > Account > Communication preferences.

What you should know about your eBay fees

  • In the event your seller account is suspended for any reason, any amounts due on your seller account will immediately become due and payable. eBay reserves the right to immediately charge any amounts you have not previously disputed to the billing method that you are using.

  • Fees pay for the right to sell on eBay. Sellers do not purchase exclusive rights to web pages on eBay. We may, in our sole discretion, and without your consent or payment to you, place third-party advertisements on any web page within our site.

  • Insertion fees and optional feature fees are charged at the time of listing and are non-refundable.

  • Good 'Til Cancelled listings renew automatically once per calendar month unless all of the items sell, you end the listing, or the listing breaches an eBay policy. Insertion fees are charged every month.

  • You can see your recent account activity by viewing your Account Activity page.

  • eBay requires payment in full each month on accounts with balances of €1.00 or greater. eBay may suspend your account for non-payment of eBay fees. If you have not paid your outstanding eBay fees after our reminders and warnings, eBay reserves the right to refer your account to an outside collection agency for collection of the outstanding eBay fees. Please note that the collection agency will also charge you a proportionate and reasonable fee for the collection of the unpaid eBay fees, which will vary according to the amount owed and which will be payable in addition to the outstanding eBay fees.

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