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Insertion fees


About insertion fees

  • An insertion fee is a listing fee, and is the price eBay charges for listing your item for sale

  • This fee is charged to your seller's account at the time of listing

  • As with a newspaper advertisement, you need to pay this basic listing fee, even if your item is not sold (If your item sells, a final value fee is charged to your seller's account)

  • Insertion fees are not refundable.

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Insertion fees for different listings and categories

The insertion fee may vary, depending on the listing format and category. See the seller fees page for details

Type of Listing The type of listing can affect the insertion fee, eg:

  • Single items - Insertion fee is based on the starting price of the item

  • Multiple item listings (auction-type listings) - Insertion fee is the starting or fixed item price multiplied by the quantity of items you offer

  • eBay Motors, Classified ads, Property and Multiple-item Buy It Now listings have their own insertion fees

Item categories Insertion fees can vary by category. These fees are displayed when you list your item.

Optional listing features See the seller fees page for various optional listing fees including: 

  • Reserve fees

  • Buy It Now

  • Scheduled listings

  • Format enhancements (Including Bold, Item Subtitle, Highlight)

Free insertion fees

Your first 100 single-quantity auction-style listings in a calendar month won’t be charged an insertion fee if:

  • You are a private seller

  • The item is listed in an eligible category

  • A starting price of up to €1.49

If your listing is eligible for a €0.00 insertion fee, your insertion fee will appear as 'Free' in the listing form. If you're relisting an item, the relist is eligible for €0.00 insertion fees under the same guidelines as a new listing. All listings (including relisted and cancelled listings) count toward the 100 listings limit.

Only auction-style listings without reserve are eligible. All other fees, including listing upgrade fees (such as bold or listing in two categories) and final value fees, still apply. If you list items in a second category, this will be charged the standard fees for listing in a second category.

eBay Motors, Classfied ads, Property and Multiple-item Buy It Now listings have their own insertion fees.

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