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Adding a subtitle to your listing can increase buyer interest by providing more descriptive information about an item. Buyers can see this information about your item below the main title when they are browsing categories or conducting searches. It's a good idea to include information in the subtitle that may not fit in the smaller title area, but would be of interest to potential buyers.

Note: Words in your Subtitle will not be searchable when buyers conduct a basic title search. However, the text will appear in search results if the buyer searches within the title and description.

Why add a Subtitle?

It is a good idea to add a Subtitle to your listing if:

  • You run out of space when typing in your title information

  • You want to get potential bidders interested in your listing by providing them with more important information about the item

  • You want to make your listing stand out

How to add a subtitle to your listing

1. Go to the listing form. (If you're revising an existing listing, make sure you know about the restrictions on revising listings.)

2. In the Describe your item section, enter your text in the Subtitle field.

Keep in mind:

  • Not all listing forms offer the ability to add a subtitle.

  • Subtitles are visible when buyers view search results in List view.

  • Subtitle text isn't searchable when buyers do a standard title search for items. However, the subtitle is searchable if a buyer includes the description in an advanced search.

What type of information should you include in a Subtitle?
  • Include descriptive words that provide additional information on what you are selling (for example: material, colour, size, production year)

  • Words that you think buyers would generally not search for, but would be of interest to them (for example: item conditions, benefits, specifications, returns policy)

Examples - Title and Subtitle:
  1. PC Computer+17"Monitor
    500 Mhz Processor, 128 MB Ram, 6.0 GB Hard Drive, Free Internet Start-up kit

  2. Gorgeous faux pearl and Rhinestone earrings
    Beautiful gold framings. Brand new. 100% money back guarantee

  3. Disney Rare Limited Edition Video Collection (4)
    Sleeping Beauty (fully restored), Mulan, Little Mermaid, Hercules

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