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Placing your Shop on holiday

If you're going away, avoid leaving buyers hanging on by using eBay Shop holiday settings. You can make your fixed price listings unavailable and show buyers a message to let them know there might be a delay in receiving their purchases.

Turning on your Shop holiday settings

When you turn on your holiday settings, we display a message in your listings letting your buyers know you're on holiday. You can also add a customised message to your Shop front.
  1. Go to My eBay and click Manage my Shop on the left hand side of the page.

  2. Under Related Links click Holiday settings.

  3. In the Shop holiday settings section, select Turn on.

  4. If you'd like to put your fixed price listings on hold while you're away, tick the box next to Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings.

  5. If you'd like buyers to see the date you'll be back and ready to post items, select Display a return date, and enter the date in the box provided.

  6. Edit the default text in the Message to display on your Shopfront section if you'd like to customise it.

  7. Click Apply.

You'll still be charged the normal fees (such as your eBay Shop subscription fee and listing-related fees) while holiday settings are on.

You can also access this in Seller Hub > Marketing > Manage your brand > Holiday settings.


  • It can take up to several days for your listings to become hidden after you select and save this Shop holiday setting.

  • When you clear this setting, it can take up to several days for your listings to appear again in search results.

If your holiday settings are on, they remain in effect until you turn them off.

Turning off your Shop holiday settings:
  1. Go to My eBay and click Manage my Shop.

  2. Click Holiday settings.

  3. In the Shop holiday settings section, select Turn off.

  4. Click Apply.

Making your fixed price listings unavailable

This option hides all of your fixed price listings so buyers don't see them in your Shop, in search results, in cross-promotions (where other items are promoted in your listing), or on any other eBay pages. This feature also lowers your risk of receiving negative Feedback and transaction defects for items not received, and reduces late shipments by providing more accurate shipping and handling expectations.

Using the option means you can avoid having buyers pay for items and then wait longer than expected to receive them from you - without having to end all of your listings and restart them when you're back.

  • Only your fixed price listings are hidden. All auction-style and other listings continue to appear to buyers as they normally do.

  • Buyers who have already purchased items from these listings are still able to view them.

  • All other characteristics of your fixed price listings stay the same. For example, listings may expire if they aren't scheduled to be automatically renewed or relisted.

  • Your fixed price listings remain hidden until you return to the holiday settings and turn this option off.

Note: If you decide not to hide and block purchase on your listings while you’re away by putting your Shop on holiday, you should extend your dispatch time so that buyers know when their purchases are going to arrive.

Letting buyers know you're away

In addition to hiding your fixed price listings, you can help avoid negative Feedback and poor detailed seller ratings by showing buyers a message to let them know you're away.

Displaying a holiday message in your listings

When you turn on holiday settings (see above), we place an automated message above the item descriptions on all of your active listings so that buyers know you're away. It's a good idea to select a date by which you expect to return. You can come back to the holiday settings page to change this date if needed. You can also update your Shop listing frame to let buyers know that you're away.

Displaying a holiday message in your eBay Shop

When you turn on holiday settings, you can also write a customised message that we'll display in your Shop. This message appears below your Shop custom header, if you have chosen to display one , without affecting any text you have saved in that area. You can use the default holiday message that we provide or create one of your own using text. HTML and script tags are not allowed.

If you don't have a shop subscription, please adjust your handling time to reflect the length of your holiday.

Sending an out of office reply

If you're not planning to check your emails for a while, use the out of office replies in eBay messages. Anyone who sends you an email through eBay will receive an automated reply, (you can customise it) so they know you're not responding to your messages. It's a good idea to set up an out of office reply for your email account as well in case buyers use your email address to contact you directly. Use the Help for your email service, or email programme, to find out how to do this.

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