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Promoting your item with listing upgrades

Our listing upgrades can help customise the appearance of your listings and attract more buyers to your items.

About upgrades
Here are some things to think about when selecting upgrades for your listing:
  • Fees vary depending on the upgrade, the selling format that you choose, and which eBay site you list on. See eBay listing fees.

  • Most listing upgrades are flat fees, so it's good to compare the fee to the value of your item. For example, you might promote your item differently if you list a CD version of the Beatles album Revolver, than if you list the original vinyl record in excellent condition.

  • You need to qualify for some upgrades.

  • As with listing fees, optional feature fees are charged at the time of listing and are non-refundable.

Timing your listing
  • 10-day listing: Select the longest listing duration available.

  • Scheduling your listings: Starting your listing at a specific time can be more convenient for you and it can expose your listing to more buyers. For example, you can schedule your listing to end during the weekend, when more people have time to shop on eBay.

Getting your listing out there
Making your listing stand out
  • Gallery upgrades: Attract buyers with a larger version of your listing picture in search results. Gallery Plus displays a larger picture (140 pixels rather than the standard 96 pixels) when you place your cursor over the picture.

  • Item Subtitle: Add more descriptive and enticing item information below the main title, to create more interest and emphasise your listing in search results.

Presentation counts

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