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Selling with improved results

Knowing what is involved in successfully selling items on eBay helps make transactions go smoothly and creates a great shopping experience for everyone. There are plenty of ways to attract buyers to your listings. Before you get on a roll, here are some things you should know and some things to avoid.

Creating better listings

As you create your listing, we make recommendations based on research of similar listings. The recommendations are designed to help you sell your items faster and at better prices.

Here are some tips on how to create better titles and descriptions and how to price your item.


Did you know the default search feature scans only listing titles? That's why it's really important to put the best information in the title. Here are a few tips:

  • Include your item’s manufacturer, brand name, or designer, but be sure that any reference to these names complies with eBay policies. For instance, we don't allow keyword spamming, which is inappropriately using brand names or other words for the purpose of attracting buyers to a listing.

  • Describe your item in 80 characters (counting both letters and spaces) or less.

  • For more ideas, see writing an effective title.


Anticipate—and answer— buyers' questions. Keep these things in mind:

  • Details, details, details. Tell buyers:

    • What the item is

    • Who made it

    • What it's made of

    • What condition it's in

  • Include several pictures, showing fine details and the condition of your product.

  • For high-price items, buyers expect more information such as:

    • Special history

    • How you got the item

    • Where it's been kept

For more tips, see writing a great description.



The right price entices people to shop and makes buyers feel confident about their purchase. So keep these things in mind:

Get more tips for successful selling.

Knowing the rules

Before listing your items, take a few minutes to learn about eBay rules and policies. Knowing what you can and can't do on eBay can pay off in the long run.

Things to do

Things not to do

Doing the legwork

Sellers are responsible for making sure their items are authentic. Keep in mind that we're unable to authenticate your items so you have to be able to stand behind your products and all the information you provide in your listings, including pictures.

Before you sell

  • Do your research online, especially for pricey collectibles or designer items. Find out things like:

    • Where the item is sold (on the web, in stores, and so on)

    • What the product really looks like

    • How much it costs

  • Verify your item's authenticity. If you're not sure whether the item is real or fake, don't sell it. Remember that sellers are not allowed to use authenticity disclaimers in listing descriptions.

  • Check out the discussion boards where you can find out more about an item, ask questions, and get answers from other knowledgeable eBay users.

  • Get even more tips from the reviews and guides.

Where did my listing go?

For a safer and enjoyable shopping experience, we take careful consideration in reviewing listings and if we have reason to believe that something is amiss, we take action. This means that sometimes listing removals do occur.

Any action by eBay depends on a number of factors, including item descriptions, Feedback, previous item removals, selling history, current selling activity, and overall site activity. So be sure that your listings comply with eBay policies and follow the selling tips above.

Is relisting an option?

Sometimes an item that was removed just needs a correction to the listing – for example, giving more information in the description or replacing a picture. If that's the case, and there's no problem with the item itself, we encourage you to take the necessary steps to fix the issue and relist your item.

However, if the listing was removed because the item isn't allowed on eBay or the listing goes against our policies or user agreement, you can't list the item again.

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