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SquareTrade warranties on eBay - Seller FAQ

Frequently asked questions about how SquareTrade warranties on eBay affect sellers. If you're interested in purchasing a warranty, read our buyer FAQ.

Why is eBay offering SquareTrade warranties?
A trusted buying experience is one of the most important things shoppers look for when making purchase decisions, particularly for more expensive items. While the eBay Money Back Guarantee will help protect buyers if there’s a problem with the purchase of an item, buyers currently are not covered if the item breaks or is accidentally damaged outside of any applicable manufacturer warranty period. By offering SquareTrade warranties on eBay, buyers can purchase extended warranties on products purchased on eBay to help give them peace of mind when shopping.
What will the buyer see when they’re shopping for Electronics on eBay?
Buyers will see an offer to add a warranty to their purchase along with different coverage options.
How do I qualify to have SquareTrade warranties on eBay offered on my listings?
There’s no action required. Warranties will be featured on listings that meet the following criteria:
  • Items in eligible categories on

  • From sellers who are not considered below-standard and have at least 50 feedback

  • All item conditions with the exception of 'for parts' listings

  • All selling formats except classifieds

  • Items with a selling price of £25 or higher

Why aren’t SquareTrade warranties on eBay offered in all categories?
We’re launching this programme in Electronics based on overwhelming feedback from our buyers. In the future, we plan to introduce this programme to even more categories.
Are SquareTrade warranties on eBay available to international buyers?
SquareTrade warranties on eBay are available only to residents of the United Kingdom.
I already offer warranties on the items I sell, can I opt out of this programme?
No. SquareTrade warranties on eBay will be offered on all eligible listings. You are also free to continue to market and offer your own warranties on your listings.
What should I do if my customer contacts me about an item that is broken or damaged and covered by the SquareTrade warranty they purchased on eBay?
Please refer your customer to SquareTrade, at
What should I do if my customer contacts me because they’re unhappy with their SquareTrade warranty and want a refund?
Refer your customer to for more information on their refund policy.
Where can I learn more about the SquareTrade warranty on eBay?
You can find more information in the Safety Centre.
Are SquareTrade warranties only available for new items?
No, they’re also available on refurbished and used items. When an item is eligible, the option to purchase a warranty will appear automatically.

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