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Listing in Two Categories

Reach more buyers and generate more interest in your item by listing in two categories. For example, you could list a vintage table from Japan in both the Asian/Oriental Antiques category and the Antique Furniture category.


Listing in two categories increases your Insertion Fee as well as the fees for most listing upgrades (Bold, Gallery, and so on). Fees for Scheduled Listings, Home Page Featured, Motors Home Page Featured, and Final Value Fees remain the same whether you list in one category or two. 

For specific fee information, see the Listing Upgrade section of the Fees page.

Category restrictions

Sellers can list in any two categories across the site except for the following:

  • Multiple Items in Auctions: If you have multiple items for sale and would like to list in two categories, we recommend that you split up your items and list the two lots in different categories.

    • Multiple item listings with variations: When listing with variations, you might want to consider listing in one category only. Currently, most categories permit variations within:

      • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

      • Home & Garden

  • eBay Motors - Listing in two categories isn't available.

Note: As always, please list your item in appropriate categories. eBay investigates complaints and will move your item if necessary.

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