Changes to fees, subscriptions, and allowances across Europe

What you need to know

From 1 June, we’re making changes to listing fees, eBay Shop subscriptions and benefits, and subtitle fees across Europe.

What’s changing?

To create a level-playing field on eBay across Europe, we’re making some adjustments to a range of fees, subscriptions and allowances. This will align key conditions for businesses on eBay’s marketplaces and will help to simplify international trading. 

Here’s some of the changes that are coming from 1 June:

  • We’re changing our Insertion Fees and monthly Shop subscription fees to make the pricing consistent across all countries.
  • We’re also increasing the value of Shop subscriptions by introducing allowances for free listing fees on both fixed price and auction listings for Shop subscribers. 
  • There will be an increase to subtitle fees for price consistency as well.

For more specific details on the fees changes, please visit our Help page.

Make the most of shop subscriptions

We recommend that sellers across Europe consider opening an eBay Shop or upgrading their Shop subscription to take advantage of all the benefits. Which can include free listings on other international eBay platforms as well as other benefits.

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