Changes to fees and discounts

What you need to know

From 1 April we are making some adjustments to a range of fees and discounts.

What’s changing?

To create a level-playing field on eBay across Europe, we’re making some changes to a range of fees and discounts. This will align key conditions for businesses on eBay’s marketplaces and will help to simplify international trading. 

Here’s some of the changes that are coming from 1 April: 

  • We're reducing fees for highly priced items across all categories through the introduction of tranched final value fees (see our fee page for examples). 
  • We're removing the final value fee discount of 10% on top rated plus listings that applies to sellers with top rated status.
  • We're making the “buy it now” feature FREE for all sellers. This feature gives your buyers the option to purchase for a set price, before an auction listing ends. A Buy it now price gives you the possibility of a quick sale for the right money.

For more specific details on the fee changes, please visit our Help page.

The table below shows more details on the fee changes:

Category FVF1 (same as today)
ASP Tranche (new)
FVF2 (charged after tranche, new)
Standard pricing (all categories):
11% 990 2%

Elec devices
6.5% 300 2%
Elec accessories
6.5% 200 2%
Car/Moto accessories
11% 300 2%
Car/Moto tires and rims
6.5% 990 2%
11% 200 2%
11% 400 2%
Musical Instruments
11% 300 2%
Digital Goods
5% N/A N/A