Business Seller Update June 2022

With summer on the way, discover new improvements to boost your sales and improve your selling experience.

Business Seller Update June 2022

This month’s update is packed with new features built to help you connect with customers, make your listings more discoverable, and increase security.

First off, we have an update on the latest category changes rolling out in September that will help make your listings easier to find in search both on and off eBay.

Your Shop is the perfect platform to build your brand and grow your business. This month, we’re announcing new features like improved newsletter templates and updated category navigation.  

Finally, we’ve added extra security to your eBay account and more flexible payout options.

These are just a few of this month’s highlights. Read about all the new features, tools, changes and updates by clicking the links below.

Updates on our international sites

Do you sell on our other eBay sites? Here’s a summary of the international updates for you.