Seller Hub is now available for eBay Ireland

Opt-in to Seller Hub

We recently introduced Seller Hub to Irish business sellers to consolidate selling tools in one location. This is the replacement for Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro. Seller Hub will help you to manage your business on eBay and give you tools you need to succeed, including all the features from Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro and My eBay Selling in one, easy to use place.

Since the launch in Ireland, we’ve asked that business sellers Opt-in on your domestic site to start using Seller Hub, where you will see features and tools you previously used with Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro. There is no additional charge to use Seller Hub, you will just continue paying for your current Selling Manager Pro or eBay Shop subscription as normal. All of your listings and orders will appear in Seller Hub immediately so there will be no disruption to your operations.

All business sellers to move to Seller Hub

From 16 September, all business sellers will be moved over to Seller Hub permanently and will no longer have the option to opt out of this. As we approach a busy season of shopping, we encourage you to try out Seller Hub and familiarise yourself with the listing tools before this migration happens.

If you have a Selling Manager Pro subscription or an eBay Shop subscription that includes Selling Manager Pro, you’ll get all the Selling Manager Pro features, such as Inventory management and automation rules, within Seller Hub.

Next steps

  • To get acquainted with Seller Hub ahead of the busiest period of the year, opt-in to move to Seller Hub now. 
  • Alternatively, eBay will automatically move your account to Seller Hub on your domestic site from 16 September.