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Images and text policy

Policy overview

When creating listings or product pages, members should write their own description and take their own photos. Buyers like to see images and descriptions that accurately represent an item they are purchasing. Learn more about adding photos to your listing and writing a good title and description.

If you use text or an image that was created by someone else, be sure that you have permission to use the text or image from the rights owner or creator.

If your image or text is being used by another member

You may contact the other member to ask if they'll remove your image or text from their listing.

Keep in mind, when you create a listing or product page you give eBay and it's members permission, through our user agreement, to use your images and product details. Your content may be added to the eBay product catalogue, at our discretion. Content added to the catalogue may be used by other sellers in their eBay listings.

What are the guidelines?

Your listing or product page should follow these guidelines. 

If you're not using pictures or text from the eBay product catalogue, you should use your own when creating a listing. If you're using someone else’s photos and text, make sure you have permission from the rights owner or creator.


  • Photos and text you created yourself

  • All eBay product catalogue photos and text


You should be sure you have permission from the rights owner or creator before you use the following.

  • Images or text copied from websites or internet searches.

  • Stock photos and text

  • Information on product packaging

    • It’s usually OK to use information such as measurements, weight, or other item specifications that are necessary to describe the item and simply can't be said any other way. However, you should avoid using any other text from product packaging.

  • Scans or text copied from catalogues or advertisements

How eBay Protects intellectual property rights

We developed the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Programme to facilitate cooperation between eBay and rights owners protecting their intellectual property rights. 

Learn more about how eBay protects intellectual property rights and how rights owners can report intellectual property infringements.


Sellers must accurately represent the items they are selling.

It may be considered copyright infringement if you copy and use images and text without permission from the rights owner or creator.

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