Changes on our international sites

We summarised the most important changes for sellers who sell on multiple eBay sites. Please take a look below at the opportunities and changes that might impact your international business.

Improved Seller Experience

Promoted Listings: Guidance Improvements and Seller Eligibility

We’re now restricting Promoted Listings eligibility to Above Standard and Top-rated sellers. 

You will now see your suggested ad rate when you create your Promoted Listings campaigns, instead of the trending rate. We’ve made some improvements to how you manage your Promoted Listings campaigns, such as improved item recommendations and a new dashboard.

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New item specifics requirements & tools

We’re adding new tools to help you identify and add missing item specifics and optimise your listings. New item specifics requirements are coming 9 September 2020 in some categories. Learn more (text in local language):,,,,,,,,,,,

Seller Hub now available on additional eBay sites

We recently introduced Seller Hub on a number of additional European sites.  

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Launch of Cancellation Flows

We’re giving sellers and their buyers the ability to cancel orders through new structured cancel flows to help them manage cancelled orders more efficiently.

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Trust & Seller Protection

Changes to email address visibility

In order to protect the privacy of buyers and sellers and as part of our efforts to combat spam and phishing attacks, we’re no longer showing buyer email addresses in your orders. Instead you’ll see an alias email address.

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Changes to signature on delivery required for seller protection

On high value orders, you'll be required to purchase eBay signature confirmation to be protected against "item not received" requests.

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VAT Changes in UK/EU

In 2021, there will be changes to the VAT treatment of imports into the UK and EU as well as certain shipments within the EU

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Growth Tools

Terapeak Improvements

Since February 2020, we’ve been adding new features to the Terapeak Research tool, Also, eBay sellers will start to see Terapeak insights when creating or editing listings via Seller Hub

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Seller Hub Performance Tab improvements

We have improved the experience in the Performance tab, to provide you with additional insights into your eBay business.

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Fee changes

From 15 October, we’ll no longer offer a 10% Final value fee discount for eBay Top-rated Sellers on

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