Grow your business internationally with eBaymag

With over 133 million active shoppers worldwide, eBay is your shop window to the world. eBaymag is a new, free tool enabling you to make your listings available on eBay international sites and automatically translating it to the appropriate languages.

Your benefits using eBaymag

With eBaymag you can: 

  • Manage your listings. You can import your existing eBay listings or create new ones, in bulk or one by one.
  • Sell items abroad. Your listings will be available on eBay international sites and automatically translated to the language of your international buyers.
  • Coordinate orders routine. You can choose to combine items into a single shipment or split them into multiple shipments, depending on what is best for you and the buyer.

How it works

Listing your items on eBay international sites with eBaymag is simple and fast. Here is how: 

  1. Go to and sign in with your eBay Account
  2. Import your listings from your eBay account or add them manually
  3. Select the eBay international sites you wish to list your items on and publish your listings

Important: Keep listing your items for domestic sale on your local eBay site. Remember eBaymag is your tool to sell internationally.

What happens next?

eBaymag will create copies of your original listings adapted to the requirements of the selected international sites:

  • All the selected listings, their titles, descriptions and item specifics will be translated
  • Categories will be selected for each international site
  • Prices will be converted to the target currency
  • Your new listings will be published on the selected sites 

All created listings will be synchronized automatically across your chosen eBay sites to maintain consistent descriptions and inventory quantity.

Once your listings are created, use eBaymag to manage your incoming orders. For example, you can add tracking numbers, combine orders, set up shipping.





Check out this short video to learn more about eBaymag: